What is DTF Pet Film?

Pet film is a type of plastic, In a plastic family, it is known as “Polyethylene Terephalene “ used for the lamination of documents. thermal-proof packaging, transfer printing, and anti-proof of the aroma of tobacco and odor products.

DTF pet film is used for transferring water-based ink printing using heat -press machine, Here dtf film work as a carrier to transfer images or text onto fabric. A pet film withstands the temperature of 150 -200 degrees without damaging the print design, and it comes with a front-side glossy and back-side matte finish (ink printable side). The average thickness of DTF pet film comes to 0.75-0.88 mm thick & transparent color. DTF film is available in sheet and roll form.

Sheet Form DTF Pet Film

Sheet form DTF film is mainly used for transfer printing using Modified Desktop DTF PRINTER (inkjet) A4 and A3 size customized/gift item printing design print (water-based pigment ink) to transfer onto apparel like T-shirts, Jackets, Cloth Carry Bag, Caps, Leather Purse, etc. These cut dtf films easily can feed into dtf printers.

Roll To Roll DTF Film

When it comes to commercial textile printing for Commercial DTF Printer, used roll-to-roll pet films, dtf rolls available according to printer paper (roll) feed size, 13″, 19″, 24″, and 36″, and length of 100 meters long.

Pet Film Uses Process

As we know dtf film comes with transparency, the design is printed onto pet film in reverse form and then applied with an adhesive powered on wet ink & hot melted in the oven. Then transferred to the fabric using a Heat Press Machine.


  1. Scratch-free
  2. No Stretchability
  3. Heatproof 150 to 200 degrees Celsius.
  4. No Abrasions
  5. No Odor
  6. Moisture Free

What is the price of DTF Film?

The average cost of dtf film price is Rs. 20-25 for an A4 sheet. It also depends on the dtf film brand also. It comes with a bundle of 100 pcs.


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