Lithography Printing

Even in the digital printing age, lithography printing application demand still remains for bulk printing such as.

  1. Product Packaging Materials
  2. Business Promotion Materials (Catalog & Brochure)
  3. Educational Books, and Event Materials Printing

Today, people’s first choice worldwide used the cheapest printing method, lithography printing technology is based on the traditional printing method and required enough time and a basic print process setup cost. Newspaper printing is the biggest example of lithography printing for bulk production.

The lithography printing technology involved, graphic design, transferring content on a metal plate using, a CTP plate processing machine, Process, offset printing machine, and ink (Pantone & processed Ink) The multicolor lithography printing business required a big investment, sufficient space, and manpower.

The offset printing principle is based on where data is burned on a metal plate and transferred to the rotating rubber blankets and applied on the paper using an impression cylinder, This process involved various channels.

Offset Printing Machine

Lithography printing machines are available in 1-color (Pantone color), 2-color (Pantone color), 4-color (process color), 5-color printing (4-process color & 1 Pantone color), and 6-color (4 process color 2 Pantone color) printing machines. These machines are able to print multi colors at a time.

The Mini Offset Printing Machine

Mini Offset Printing machines are low-budget printing machines in place of metal plates, mini offset used a polymer master plate. Min. size A5 and maximum 12″18″ can be printed. A single color can be printed at a time.

Wedding Cards, Handbills, Carry Bags, and Invoices are used to master.

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Why are lithography printing machines demanded to remain even digital era?

  1. Lithography printing machine speed comes per hour 5000 to 8000.
  2. Price per unit print cost min.
  3. it requires a basic setup cost.