Pad Printing

Pad printing applications are mostly used for printing on flat, curved, and complicated surfaces as well as 3d shapes, concave, convex, and cylindrical shape stuff.

The most common pad printing products are cups, plates, golf balls, pens, nail polish bottles, etc.

Branding on medical equipment, the cosmetics industry, auto parts, tools, and ceramic-made products is highly recommended.

Pad printing does not involve heat and press mechanisms so can be applied on metal, wood, glass, and plastic rubber made of materials.

Pad Printing Mechanism

The Pad printing mechanism is involved 2D design transferred to the 3d object using silicon materials and clinch (laser engraved plate). Firstly the design is transferred to the silicon materials and then applied on the substrate, silicon plays a crucial role to conform the shape of the substrate.

The most advantage of pad printing is that it can be applied printing to complex shape products. It is also known as indirect offset printing.

Pad Printing Equipment

The Pad printing business involved a few pieces of equipment.

  1. Pad Printing Machine
  2. Pad Printing ink (ink for metal ink for ceramic etc.)
  3. Clinch
  4. Ink Cup
  5. Pad Printing Plate
  6. Silicon Pad

The printing machine team helps you to choose the best equipment and machine for pad printing machines. Tips and tricks to making a clinch and printing.