Traditional Printing Technology

Traditional printing technology is used since ancient times worldwide even for low print volume or bulk printing. It consumes more time for making print processes as well as making proofreading/negative/positive/plate making/printing blocks etc. Except for the time-consuming, there is a big cost of the print setup process. The good thing about traditional printing is, the print cost per unit comes very low compared to Modern Printing Technology.

There are a lot of advantages of traditional printing as well as the low print cost and a variety of products able to print. Different types of traditional printing use different types of printing principles, ink & printing machine.

Traditional Printing Principle

  1. Traditional printing costs are always pocket-friendly compared to the digital printing terms for bulk print runs.
  2. It requires a basic cost of print setup cost for each design.
  3. Wastage comes 1-2%

Offset Printing (Lithography)

Offset printing is the most popular traditional printing used worldwide for bulk production. It is almost half of the price compared to the Digital Printing Process. Offset printing basic setup cost also goes higher. It involves various steps like proofreading, making metal plates, and using solid ink and time for drying ink. The latest offset printing is equipped with UV ink printing that eliminates ink dying time.

Best offset printing products are Educational Books, Novels, Newspapers,s and Business Promotional Printing Materials are the most offset printing products.

Sheet Feed Offset Printing Machine | Web Offset Printing Machine | Mini Offset Printing

Screen Printing (Serigraphy Printing)

Screen printing technology originated in China first time and is today widely used worldwide. Screen printing facilitates printing on almost all types of materials like paper, wood, plastics, and cardboard even for low-volume printing. Print setup cost comes very low budget for single color or two colors. Screen printing technology involves Making Stencils, Silk Mesh, Wooden Frames, Photo Polymer Film, Film Exposure Units, Different Types of Ink (Water-based and Petroleum), and Inline Ink-Drying Solutions.

Screen Printing business is a low-investment printing business.

Flat Screen Printing Machine | Rotary Screen Printing Machine

Hot Stamping

To make your Brand Name Most Visible like the Book Title, Exclusive Box Packaging, or Luxury Gift Item Packaging Box (wine, jewelry) used a variety of color foil printing and embossing. Sometimes hot stamping uses from a security point of view hologram sticker making etc. The hot Stamping business involves making Metallic Dye (Male & Female), Hot Stamping Machines, Variety of Transfer Foils.

Best uses for Wedding Invitation Cards, Luxury Packaging Box, Wine Bottle Packaging

Handpress Hot Stamping Machine | Hydraulic Hot Stamping Machine

Pad Printing

Pad printing technology is used for printing on 3D shapes, Curved Shapes, and Cylendric products like spectacles, ceramic plates, cups, automobile parts, pens, toys, medical equipment, and medical devices. Pad printing services involve silicone pads, clinch, and laser engraving machines. Each design and color required a separate clinch and time producing print on objects. The most profitable industries are the medical, toy, and crockery businesses.

Semi-Automated Pad Printing Machine | Handpress Pad Printing Machine

Rotograviure Printing

It’s a big investment in the traditional printing business. Rotogravure printing services involve roll-to-roll printing on flexible materials made of plastic, PP, pet film, and silver foil materials. Best products such as packing tape, food pouches, big-size food containers, etc.

The huge cost of rotogravure printing is a Metallic Cylinder and inline production types of equipment.


Flexo printing is similar to rotogravure printing technology. Flexo printing product quality comes inferior because it involves low-quality plates (polymer plates). Best used for printing roll-to-roll lace, and labels (paper, fabric). Low investment printing business. This printing technology plate-making involves polymer materials. Best used for making a paper roll, packing ribbons, polyester labels, and fabric labels. to add more color need more polymer plates.

Traditional Printing Advantage