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Printing machine tech is a website that aims to help the print media industry to increase productivity & making profits by choosing emerging printing technology, printing machines, printers, ink, paper cutting machines, printing raw materials & the latest updated printing technologies.

The printing machine team educates the printing community & helping people involved in the print business from scratch to advanced levels. For helping people involved in print businesses worldwide, In return, the print machine team earns an affiliate income.

Each type of printing technology has its own pros and cons whether it is a digital or traditional printing process. Our print experts team examines and shares the best findings as well.

As to what printing technology works the best in terms of Print Quality, Ink Adhesion, Print Longevity, Cost-Effectiveness, Production Capacity, and Environmentally Friendly or Hazardous.

A product can be printed through various printing methods but which one is the best our team will help you.

Printing Technology

Printing technology is an ever-evolving industry. Printing machine tech brings the latest update through participating in printing technologies seminars & exhibitions,

There are two types of printing methods used worldwide 1. TRADITIONAL PRINTING 2. DIGITAL PRINTING

Traditional Printing

Traditional printing technology involved various channels, as well as handcrafting work, making stencils, negative or positive, metal plates, wood blocks, zinc or magnesium metal block, etc. Ultimately it takes enough time to process. Conventional printing required a high setup cost and time as well. Traditional printing is known as repetition printing.

The printing machine tech team first reached out with the latest machine & raw materials used in our print store as self-running online & offline printing stores & ask for feedback from worldwide customers.

With 24 years of extensive experience in the print industry, I learned so far that it is a digital world to overcome your competitor you must adopt digital printing technology soon along with traditional printing because the entire world is grabbing it speedy way.

1. Traditional Printing Machine

1.1 Lithography

Worldwide most used lithography technology is the oldest, fastest, and cheapest printing process even today. Newspapers, magazines, educational books, and political advertisement material is the first choice that is printed through this technology even today. Traditional printing is always cheaper but a little more time taking.

1.2 Screen Printing

Screen printing technology is involved with silk fabric, creating stenciling on the wooden frame, and pushing ink onto the substrate through silk mesh where the ink comes from the very thing layer. Flat Screen Printing or Round Screen Printing are both types are very economical printing. It can be applied to almost all types of stuff. Each time can be printed in a single color only.

1.3 Hot Foil Stamping | Block Printing

Very old and still continued process silver, golden and holographic printing technology. This application is involved making a design and metal costing then hot stamping through the metal dye. This application is applied to the title of books or most engaging content.

1.4 Pad Printing

This printing method is used for printing on concave and convex shape ceramic plates, using silicon dye. Medical equipment, cups plates, and pots are mainly get printed.

1.5 Rotograviure Printing

When it comes to printing on foil or plastic in reel form most of all food grade packaging roto gravure is the best option printing price per unit cost comes very low. This printing process is involved a metal cylinder and etching technology. Mainly used for high-quality packaging

1.6 Flexo Printing

Flexo printing machines use a nylon dye used for printing on a poly bag, and satin ribbons require a separate block for each color. For printing used roll-to-roll media. Best for industry-involved packaging and labeling.

1.7 Letterpress Printing

Very Old and long-term used printing technology. Today you might find a rare printer letterpress printer on the market that produced print results pressed impression because to make impression on the substrate used metal letters.

2.0 Digital Printing

Digital printing technology involved laserjet, inkjet, 3d printing, and engraving technology. Printing is done directly on printing objects like paper, plastic, wood, metal, gloss, etc. There are various types of objects made of different types of materials, sizes, thicknesses, and stiffness. So there are various types of digital printing machines & that used ink to produce the best results.

Digital printing services involve fully computerized, no required other print support equipment, and print is directly applied on the substrate using digital file and laserjet or inkjet printing technology. Various channels were eliminated in digital printing technology as well as making plate and dye etc. This is why it works fast.

2.1 Laser Printing

Laser printing is a digital form of printing based on toner & heat technology. Best used for printing on paper or flat surface materials that do not affect heat. There is a limitation of printing stuff thickness and sturdiness because paper rolls around the electrode to feed ink on paper. Thicker and sturdiness stuff make it unable to print.

2.2 Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a technology used for branding or marking or cutting on metal or nonmetal products with optimum quality highly adopted. It does not require a spot of ink. During marking the upper layer is burned and evaporated resulting in a deep mark on it.

2.3 LED UV Printing Technology

I think UV technology is the 21st century’s most beneficial printing process. Almost all types of products can be printed directly. A unique feature of instant drying, long-lasting print, and eco-friendly system it is almost printable on every type of stuff.

2.4 Digital Foil Printing

Not required to make metal block & dye as well as a traditional foil printing method. Digital foil printing needs zero basic setup costs. Fast but a little expensive. The best thing is not to affect the back side at the time of embossing.

2.5 3D Printing

3D printing is the future of making artificial humane products in medical science, automobile parts, and Printing food, and toy industries. precise products. Customized printing on the food in restaurants & hotels is a golden opportunity.

2.6 Fabric Printing Machine

There is a huge range of printing machines for printing on specific fabric types of fabric as well as cotton, polyester, nylon, etc.

2.6.1 Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing on polyester fabric on light fabric for customized printing is most appreciated for promotional t-shirts and bed sheets etc. Sublimation printing is best known for vibrant color printing on polyester or polyester-coated materials. sublimation printing has a limitation of types of fabric printing.

2.6.2 DTG Printing

As the name suggests DTG means “Direct to Garment” this is a digital printing process feasible for printing on any type and color of fabrics its a little costly but it’s a personalized printing application. DTG printing application is a little expensive but produced amazing print quality on natural fabrics. It performs best on cotton-made fabrics.

2.6.3 DTF Printing

It’s the cheapest & newer digital printing technology based on printing on pet film for transferring on fabric and plastic using heat and press technology it uses a specific type of formulation ink.

Sublimation printing on customized products or commercial printing on sheet feed of roll-to-roll sublimation printing machine or raw materials you can buy at discounted prices.

Here, you will find all types of printing and advertising method from scratch to advance

We (Suresh Kumar) have over 23 years of experience designing, printing, and advertising space. During this period I have worked with lots of trusted printing machines, ink, and print media brand. I am fond of grabbing high technology and fast printing types of equipment even traditional and digital printing machines.

Our continuous practice in offline print shops, online printing stores, the latest printing technologies, and learning curiosity made my in-depth knowledge of the printing industry.

2.6.4 Thermal Transfer Printing

Thermal transfer printing involved ribbon-based printing. There are 2 types of printers used in 1. Direct heat transfer 2. Using thermal

3. Printing Media

Printing applications on different types of media as well as paper, plastic, vinyl, fabrics, metals even sheet form or roll form

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