DTF Printing Technology

Textile printing is evolving very fast. The latest trend of textile printing is known as DTF printing technology which is a digital form of print making on fabrics, plastics, leather etc. There are several other fabric printing method but a few noticeable points of dtf printing that make people specially inclined to dtf printing process.

  1. High detailing full color printing method.
  2. Very low cost fabric printing methods.
  3. Ever fast printing process on the fabric.
  4. Printable to larger size and applicable to variety of substrate.
  5. Print does not effect either light or dark background substrate. .
  6. No cut, peel or weed require like wise vinyl cut and heat press.
  7. Firstly the digital design is directly printed on Polyurethane Film and then transferred to a variety of fabric-made garments or hard stuff using Heat Transfer Technology. Using direct transfer film high-quality designs can be printed and transferred to the intended fabric, leather, ravines, plastics, and hard stuff that can adopt heat.

People consider DTF printing technology as a replacement for expensive DTG printing methods but both types of printing technology are unique, You can say it is also a replacement for expensive DTG printing technology. Usually, common fabric printing technology relies on the quality of the fabric and the type of design to be printed.

5 Biggest Advantage of DTF Printing Business

  1. The biggest advantage of DTF printing is, it can be applied to any type of fabric quality (cotton, polyester, poly cotton, nylon etc.) and colors (light, dark) etc.
  2. Fast t-shirt printing methods.
  3. Low printing cost per t-shirt
  4. HD quality print.
  5. Low Investment fabric printing business

There are several methods of apparel customization/decoration a few of them serigraphic, embroidery, sublimation, and vinyl cut & heat press. The huge craze of personalized clothing has increased over a few decades and still continued growth from traditional printing to digital printing technology. The most popular printing term of textile 2022 is known as DTF printing.

DTF printing technology involves various types of equipment given below. You can start your dtf printing business by investing 3-4 four lakh Indian rupees from scratch and scaling up a high volume. DTF printing required a specialized inkjet printer, ink (made of titanium oxide), and ripping software. It requires a vector file format.

DTF Printing Business Equipment and Supply

Like any other printing method, quality DTF printing equipment and supplies make your business standout out of crowd, DTF Printer, DTF Ink and Pet Film are core element of dtf printing business to produce quality fabric printing.

  1. DTF Printer
  2. RIP Software
  3. Pet Film (Sheet Feed & Roll to Roll)
  4. DTF Powder
  5. DTF Ink
  6. Heat Press
  7. DTF Blanks
  8. Powder Shaking Equipments
  9. Powder Melting Oven

1. DTF Printer (Modified or Genuine Made)

DTF printers are basically 6 channel inkjet printers loaded with a special DTF ink tank, CYMK (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Black), and W (White) color tank. White color ink is made of synthetic ink (titanium oxide) that feels soft, and stretchable on the apparel after printing and do not crack stretching the fabric that make dtf printing unique. You can buy genuine and modified (L805, L118), 6 Color EPSON DTF Printer.

The design is digitally printed (ink is sprayed) onto the pet film with high detailing. Available in the market both types of DTF sheet printer and roll to roll printer, choose the best fit you according to your budget and requirement.

2. RIP Software

Ripping software is integral part of dtf printer that help to manage media loading/unloading, applying required amount of ink volume on the pet film (low volume or high) on the substrate. As dark fabric background needed high thickness of ink to became more visible where light background fabric do not. Ripping software help to clean automated head cleaning and prevent your head from head clogging.

3. Pet Film

In a DTF printing business uses pet film, firstly design is printed on the film and then transferred on to the fabric using heat press machine, Pet film work as a medium to transfer dtf print on to apparel. It has two layers, one layer for accepting ink and another layer work for transferring ink during heat transfer.

It is a types of heatproof film where a dtf design is digitally printed on the mirror image and later on dtf design transferred onto apparel using heat press print facing side on fabrics. Pet film comes in sheet & roll to roll both form, one side glossy and another side high releasing matte coating with semi-transparent that help to place film on the right place on fabrics. Best quality pet film is thick 75-100 micron and high releasing ink.

Desktop DTF printer– Sheet Feed Pet Film (A4, A3)

Large Format DTF Printer – Roll To Roll Pet Film

4. DTF Powder

DTF powder is an adhesive powder that makes a strong bond between the design print and fabric during the design transfer on the fabric. When dtf powder comes to contact with heat it melt and makes a strong bond between print and fabrics. It comes white and black colors. A high quality dtf powder help to stay print on fabric long lasting and help to small text not falling off during washes..

5. DTF Ink

DTF ink is an water based pigments ink, eco-friendly, plasticized, specialized for transferring on fabric (cotton, polyester, leather, nylon, etc) and able to face multi time washes. It feels soft and little rubberized do not crack stretching the fabric. Available in different packaging for commercial and small business 100 ml, 500 ml, and 5 liters. A high quality ink produce vibrant color and keep your print head life long lasting.

6. Powder Shaking Machines

The Sooner the pet film is printed (with wet ink), for inline dtf production, need applying adhesive powder evenly uses powder shaking machine that works faster and error less. except for applying powder evenly it divert excess powder into the powder container for reuse. Looking for Commercial DTF Printing Business you must go with it for inline dtf production. If you are a new startup you can manage manually but for limited productions.

7. Powder Curing Oven

As soon as dtf printed film pass through powder shaking machine, Then need to cure the powder on the film, so powder coated film is send to oven to melt powder at the temperature of 160-170 degree for 8-10 minutes and then for winding pet film roll for further step.

If you are using desktop dtf printer then this process can be done using heat press machine vertically press down but for small production.

8. Heat Press Machine

This is the final step of dtf printing process, you need a heat press machine to transfer on fabrics. If you are already running fabric printing business with sublimation or vinyl cut and heat press, you do not need to buy Heat Press Machine for the design transfer on the fabrics.

Like other printing terms, DTF printing has also loopholes, Must know about common problems (best print head, best dtf ink, print head clogging, need to replace part) and their solutions. What is dtf printing? learn more about best dtf printing practices.

  • Best for custom t-shirt printing.
  • No set-up cost
  • Very low investment & highly profitable garment printing business.
DTF printing Common Mistakes and Solutions