LED UV Printing

The LED UV Printing technology developed in the first decade of the 21st century, its a digital form of printing technology. Printing technology is involved with special ink (UV ink) and special ink drying mechanism (LED Light) in built an inkjet printer. LED UV printing technology is highly recommended in food-grade printing, the medical equipment printing industry,

UV printers are a boon for signage print industry because inline production halt due to late ink drying. To make this happen used additional source of energy like fan or heating elements etc. Ink used is a type of pigment ink that means it stays on the top of substrate no fading issue arise likewise solvent ink.

Do not matter your substrate is made of paper, plastic, wood, gloss etc. Dry out instantly as sooner light reflect on it.

There are 3 top most reason to be popular LED UV printer worldwide

1. 100% Eco-Friendly Ink

2. Inline Print Production due to Instant Ink drying mechanism

3. Long lasting Print

The UV printing machine has no more technical components which make UV printing technology a low-maintenance process.

Here you can choose the best quality UV printer for printing on variety of product materials so you must read why you should buy it.

UV Printer, UV Ink, and UV are 3 Main components.

LED UV Printing Advantage

  1. 100% Eco-Friendly Ink
  2. Instant Ink Drying Mechanism
  3. Digital Printing Process
  4. No Solvent Added Ink
  5. 40-50% Less Power Consumption


  1. UV Ink do not dry untill or unless apply UV light.