Screen Printing

Screen Printing is a low-investment & traditional printing business. You can start your own business even low budget. The biggest advantage of screen printing is that it can be applied to various types of stuff like wood, fabric, metal, lead almost all types of stuff. Here no matter how thick the printing substrate is made.

Most Screen Printing Products

Stationary Printing (Letterhead, Envelope, Invitation Card),

Fabric Printing (T-shirts, Hoodies, Jackets), Electric Boards, Tiles, and many more, etc.

“in the screen printing method, ink is applied on the surface in a very thin layer using silk screen mess, by pressing ink with the help of a squeegee.

Printing technology is very simple, it is also known as Serigraphy Printing. screen printing of a variety of materials

Silk printing machines are specified according to printing product shape,

  1. Flat Surface Product (Letterhead, Envelope, Sunpack Sheet)-Flat Screen Printing Machine
  2. Cylindric Products (Water Bottle, Mug- Round Screen Printing Machine
  3. Multicolor Printing on Fabric – 4- Platform/6 Plate form printing -Rotary Screen Printing Machine

Screen Printing Raw Materials

  1. Screen Printing Frame
  2. Silk Fabric
  3. Creating Stencil Separate Design Colors
  4. Photopolymer Chemicals
  5. Washing Detergents
  6. Squeeze
  7. Ink (water-based, petroleum-based ink, plastisol ink, puff ink)
  8. Screen Printing Machines

Screen Printing on different types of substances required different formulas of screen printing ink for long-term fixing.

The Popularity of Screen Printing

  1. Low-investment printing business
  2. Applicable on a variety of substance
  3. No more technical knowledge
  4. Easily available raw materials
  5. More business opportunity
  6. Lowest cost for bulk printing

The printing machine team helps with screen printing techniques and choosing the best quality printing supply.