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It might be a good option to buy a dtf converted printer if you are looking to start a DTF garment printing business. A true DTF printer costs go at least 5-6 times higher compared to a dtf converted printer which is too much for a new startup. Businessmen who are already running garment printing, as well as Sublimation or DTG Printing, who have already supporting garment printing equipment (heat press machines) easy to shift their old garment printing business into a new profitable dtf printing business.

“dtf converted printer is a inkjet photo printer having 6-8 colors ink channel, by adding and removing a few hardware, ripping software easily can be converted into a DTF printer”

EPSON Printer That Can Be Converted into DTF Printer

The most popular Desktop EPSON photo printers L805 (print size A4), and L118 (A3) can be converted for roll-to-roll and sheet-feed dtf printers. It’s so easy you can do it itself.

There are mainly 2 basic requirements to convert any piezoelectric technology-based photo printer.

1. Printer must have at least 6-8 ink channel

2. Printer ICC profile editable must be editable.

Sublimation printing on garments has many limitations like printing on dark colors fabrics, cotton fabrics, and printing on expect for fabric materials, etc.

All these restrictions eliminate dtf printing technology.

A purpose dtf printing may cost approx 400 K Indian rupees. Which is too much.

True or converted dtf printer which is the best?

True the dtf printer is the best in terms of warranty & gauranty provided by the manufacturer and little more professional but it cost too much.
The converted printer is the best in terms of cost-effectiveness & your printer warranty lapsed once you convert color photo printer into dtf.


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