Sublimation Printing Technologies

“Sublimation printing technology is a special mechanism of ink transferring from one surface to another surface using the controlled amount of & heat & pressure for a recommended period of time”

“The concept of sublimation printing is, ink transfer from one surface (gaseous state) and penetrating into another surface without converting into a liquid state and becoming a permanent part of the substrate, this action is done by controlling heat and pressing with a specific type of dye ink. To transfer content used special types of paper and ink.

5 Facts Sublimation Printing

  1. Sublimation printing can be applied only to white or light-color substrates.
  2. Sublimation blank must be made of a polyester or polyester-coated surface.
  3. Printed ink became the permanent part of the substrate, with no fade, no crack, and no peel-off.
  4. The substrate must have a polyester count of 60% to sublimate. Higher polyester count better print results.
  5. The best sublimation printing result produces on 100% polyester material.

Looking to start a Sublimation Printing for T-shirt Business, you have required a sublimation printing machine, equipment, and supply, you need to be a pro sublimation printing expert and keep on learning How Sublimation Printing Works.

To print the design for transferring, you are required a special paper, a piezoelectric print head printer, and dye sublimation ink. The sublimation printing process finishes in 2 easy steps

  1. First of all, the design is printed on sublimation paper.
  2. Transferring sublimation ink from the paper to the intended materials using heat and pressing both applications at a time.

In the first stage, the design is printed on sublimation paper in which ink is deposited on top of the high-releasing sublimation paper, and in the second stage ink transferring on the sublimation blank, dye ink is infused into the materials, and end result produces extraordinarily full-color vibrant, fine detailing, crack-free, fade-proof, and peel-off with permanent print even complex designs.

The best use of Sublimation Printing for Customized T-shirts, Custom Gift Items Made of Fabric, Metal, Wood, and Ceramic Materials. You can buy sublimation blank easily on the Amazon store.

Craftsmen, gift printing shop businesses owners,s and even commercial textile printers used sublimation printing according to their business perspective

Desktop Sublimation Printers, are best for small business owners and craftsmen

Whereas Large Format Sublimation Printers are best for commercial garment decorations.

Transferring the design on different types of stuff and shape (flat, cylindrical, conical, 3D) required different types of Heat Press Machines. (Calm, Roll to Roll Heat Press, 3D Heat Press)

Most Common Products That We Can Sublimate

Promotional T-shirt | Name Plate | Coaster | Customized Mug Printing | Flag | Lanyard Printing | Troffee | Academic Sashes | Home Decor Products | Craft Style | Promotional Items | Nylon, Silk & Polyester Made Garments (Suit, Sari & Dupatta) and many more. Sublimation Printing Technology works only with polyester or polyester-coated materials only.

Types of equipment For Starting a Sublimation Printing Business

Sublimation printing business is low investment and highly profitable business, you can start from your home and explore the next label starting from low investment. So you can start with a few basic sublimation supplies.

Sublimation Printer

The first step to start a sublimation printing business is buying the best sublimation printer (purpose sublimation printer or convert sublimation printer), from which small businesses If you are a new startup recommended to go for desktop sublimation printers & already running sublimation printing business want to explore a large scale go for roll-to-roll sublimation printers (commercial printers).

Sublimation Ink (Special Dye Ink)

Sublimation ink is a water-based eco-friendly dye ink but it is not regular photo printing ink, make sure before buying sublimation ink, need to understand whether to buy compatible sublimation ink or from the printer manufacturer’s brand name or printer-compatible ink only. It plays a crucial role in terms of sublimation print quality on a variety of materials and making the sublimation printer lifelong.

Sublimation Paper (Special Coated Paper)

Roll-to-roll and sheet-feed paper both are used for specific types of sublimation printers. Sheet feed sublimation printers required a higher gsm sublimation paper whereas roll-to-roll printers need lower gsm paper. The thicker coated paper produces better sublimation printing results.

Sublimation Heat Press Tool

Sublimation printing technology involves a perfect amount of temperature and pressure to transfer ink from one paper to another stuff. Different shapes and styles of sublimation blanks required a special heat press machine. Roll-to-roll heat press machines, cylindrical heat press machines, and 3d heat press machines are common heat press machines.

Sublimation Coating

To make it able to print sublimation printing on any substrate uses polymer coating on top of the surface. It could be a hard surface or flexible material that can stand at temperatures of 150 -200C. Natural fabric-made apparel, metal, and wood required pre-coating for sublimation. Any surface can be sublimated that can withstand 300-400 degrees Celsius by the coating of polymer.

Sublimation Blank

There are more than 100’s sublimation blank products that can be printed using sublimation printing it might be wood products, metal products, fabric, and plastics for various types of uses.

Thermal Tape

Sublimation printing required tape to fix sublimation print paper on the sublimation blanks to the intended area before placing it into the heat press. It is not a regular tape specialized for the heat press machine used it does not affect the presence of 300-400 degrees Celsius temperature.

Why Start Sublimation Printing Business?

  1. Sublimation is a technique to print very vibrantly and permanent print solution.
  2. Easy process for custom design printing.
  3. Low investment, good for small businesses owners
  4. Do not require basic set up cost.
  5. Customized printing for gifts or custom-printed apparel is trending.
  6. Fast print services do not require enough time.

Sublimation Printing Method Pros & Cons

Except for permanent print and countless time washing, sublimation printing has disadvantages as it can be done only with manmade fabrics.