DTG Printing Technology

DTG Printing Technology (Direct to Garment) is a digital printing application used for textile printing where a special (DTG INK) colored & white ink is sprayed directly onto the fabric through the inkjet printer (piezoelectric technology). Before printing on garments, a fabric needs to be pre-treatment for fixing the design for the long term.

DTG printers are able to print intricated designs with high quality directly on the fabric. Highly recommended for best quality digital print, a fashion designer, customized print-on-demand for low volume with high-quality design prints. A DTG print can withstand more than 50 washes without cracks. Best DTG printing result on 100% cotton fabric-made light or dark color t-shirts, bags, sweatshirts, etc.

DTG printing is a next-generation printing technology for garments. It makes your t-shirt print journey a short turnaround. You can offer your customer Same-Day T-shirt Printing Service where screen printing obviously takes 2-3 business days. It’s a little more expensive and exclusive printing methods available in the market so needs to be more technical before buying a DTG printer.

Now people love to wear theirs on brand name t-shirts. If you are a garment business owner you can serve your customers (custom t-shirt lovers) better service by customizing their own brand apparel through DTG printer.

DTG printing technology does not require any basic setup cost. best for DTG printing performs the best on cotton and cotton blend materials. DTG printing machine is the best for customized content printing on cotton fabrics. Most of all big textile brands now start printing customized designs for their store in front of customer’s own design

DTG Printing Business Equipment

DTG customization on fabric falls under Exclusive Printing on Garments. Printing quality with high detailing and long-lasting. it does not matter whether your fabric color is a light or dark color background, DTG can be applied. The special function of white color printing in DTG printers makes it easy to print both dark and light both types of fabric but dark-color fabrics consume high-volume ink compared to light-color fabrics. To make print bright white ink was used twice. You need to buy a complete DTG printing list below given.

  1. DTG Printer
  2. DTG Ink
  3. DTG Pre-Treatment Chemical & Spray
  4. Heat Press
  5. DTG Supply
  6. Maintenance

1. DTG Printer

DTG printing business’s main cost refers to the DTG Printer. DTG printers are costly and equipped with a high-quality print head with a piezoelectric technology-based printer. A common DTG printer size comes 16″x20″ print plate size. Loaded with CYMK and WW ink tanks. DTG printer has 2 ink tanks for white color only. and 4 separate ink tanks used for CYMK ink format. Brother & EPSON both are the best DTF printer brands in the market.


DTG printers use pigment ink that stays on the top layer of fabric with feels very soft to the touch. It makes a very strong bond with natural fabric (cotton, bamboo, and linen fabrics) and last for many years to come. Micro-size ink-droplet properly penetrate into fabric threads. 100% eco-friendly for kids and human beings.

3. DTG Pre-Treatment Chemical & Spray

Before applying digital printing onto fabric it is mandatory to apply pre-treatment for long-term used fabrics. Highly recommend spray coating and needs to be properly dry out before printing on it. This application is a little more time taking process.

4. Machine for Curing Ink

Once the t-shirt is done it’s mandatory to cure the ink using a heat press machine. for the same size or bigger size heating plate. press down the heating plate on the fabrics.

5. Printer Maintenance

DTF printer’s biggest challenge is the high maintenance. DTG printers ask for regular print runs & daily print head cleaning. If you are a low business volume for a DTG printer make sure you need extra care of your DTG print heads. You are required to maintain regular auto cleaning if avoid might be challenges of print head clogging.

Why is DTG Printing the Most Demanding Garment Printing?

The best printing practice on cotton-made fabric is known as DTG printing.

  • Intricated graphics can be printed in very high quality.
  • The Ink is sprayed into the fabric threads in very tiny dots even very small details.
  • Ink fade proof even above more than 50 washes.
  • DTG ink feels & touches very soft.
  • DTF Printing is100% eco-friendly.
  • Crack Free Print.

DTG Printing Technology Advantages and Disadvantages

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