Craft Services

Looking for New Crafting Business, Exiting Craftsman, or Involved in a Customized T-shirt Printing Business, HTV vinyl might be very helpful to create & well decorate fabrics and make a variety of products.

HTV Craft Business Equipment

  1. Vinyl Cutting Machine
  2. Heat Transfer Paper
  3. Weeding Tool
  4. Heat Press Machine
  5. Design Software (Corel Draw and Adobe)
  6. Heat Resistance Tape
  7. Teflon Sheet

Crafting Products

Making a personalized Sash, Sports Dress, Custom Promotional T-shirts

Peel, Weed, Access Vinyl, Intricate Design, Cover Artwork, heat press time, Temperature, reconsider heat press vinyl, eliminate wrinkle, carrier Facing up side, Promotional Products, Heatpress Vinyl Sizes, Quality, Multiple colors, Backing hot or cold peel

Cutting I Need to buy a

Why HTV doesn’t stick?

There are 3 main factors HTV does not stick on substrate 1. Improper Management of 1. Heat 2. Pressure 3. Heating time. Accept this another reason like the quality of the HTV vinyl you are using for a hot peel or cold peel needed to be checked. It may be cause you are selecting a substrate heatproof, which is not recommended for using HTV vinyl.