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EPSON DTG printers are leading digital textile printers in the garment printing industry. EPSON Printer captures almost 10-15% of the global digital printer on garment printing market share. You can buy Epson Printers online in shopping stores like Amazon and Flipkart from desktop to commercial Digital Printing for Garments DTF Printers, DTG Printers, and Sublimation Printers.

DTG printer denotes Direct To Garment Printing. If you are already involved in any type of garment printing business like Sublimation or Screen Printing, An EPSON direct-to-garment printer can horizon Your Garment Printing Business at a high label.

Epson company is the first piezoelectric technology-based printer manufacturer in the market and the worldwide network of Epson Printer Service Centers made easy customer requirements of printer spare parts, repair, ink, and cartridge. You will find surely an authorized service center within a 5-7 kilometers radius in any metro city worldwide.

The company specially engineered the FIRST DTG PRINTER MODEL EPSON SURE COLOR F2000, in The Year 2013. Continuously developing, and improving quality company-launched a series of desktop and commercial EPSON DTG PRINTER SC F2100, SC F2130, and SC F3070 with Specialized DTG Ink in the name of “Ultra chrome DG Ink for printing on a variety of fabrics (cotton, poly-cotton, lycra, polyester, etc.)

OEKO Tex Certification

It is a worldwide certification company of ink used for garment printing that assures that ink printed quality on fabric is safe for adults and kids. EPSON DTG printer used ink is certified by this organization. Besides printers, EPSON company self-manufactures DTG ink.

Epson DTG printers are basically 5-color inkjet printers that contain 6 ink cartridges (4 tanks used for C, Y, M, K, and 2 for W). White color ink tanks facilitate making the print on light and dark background fabrics. The special automated head cleaning mechanism & white ink circulation mechanism makes your print head maintenance easy, free of head-clogging and minimizes printer downtime.

The white ink circulation system of EPSON 2100 makes high opacity of white color on dark fabrics and avoids separation of pigment.

Recommendation Temperature & Humidity: DTG printer atmosphere required a humidity level of 20-80% and 15-25 degrees Celcius this atmosphere makes your printhead out of clogging.


EPSON introduced a wide range of EPSON DTG printers you can choose print quality as well as your audience demand, you can produce maximum quality 1440×720 and 2880 x 2880 DPI. It has a 5-color ink tank printer, and different Epson printer models have different capacity ink tanks.

To enhance the fabric print quality you can optimize ink droplet size and printhead pass as well as Single Pass Print, Double Pass Print, etc.

(Note: Higher number of head pass means more ink consumption and better printing quality). Epson DTG printer facilities this feature on all models.

Different EPSON Print models have different capacities of ink tanks as well as capacities of 600 ml and 1500ml

Platen Size

Easy to load fabric on the printer bed. Plate available in different sizes as well

Extra Small Size T-shirts (7″x8″)

Small Size T-Shirt (10″x12″)

Medium Size T-shirt (14″x16″)

Large Size T-shirt 16″x20″

T-shirt Sleeve Size 4″x4″

Easy to add and remove platen on any EPSON Printer, precision print head specially designed for garment decoration. Industrial grade quality. EPSON DT Chrome meets all international safety parameters. The gap between the print head and platen can be adjusted up & down to 25 mm to print thicker fabric (Polo T-shirts, Sweat Shirts, and Hoodies) without fear of head strike.

DTG Printer Consumable

DTG ink (CYMK & W), Pre-treatment Solution, Head Cleaning Solution, and Head Cleaning Kit (print head cap, sponge) are the most consumable items.

Epson DTG ink

  • The company self-manufactures special ULTRA CHROME DG ink (water-based pigment ink) for EPSON F2000/F2100/F2130 anti-clogging ink. EPSON DTF ink is specialized for all 3 DTG printer models.
  • EPSON DTG ink follows all international parameter certifications referring to print quality, worldwide environmental issues, and pertaining health issues for kids and adults.

Pre-Treatment Machine & Chemical Used

The pre-treatment machine is an important part of the DTG printing business it cost around 1000$ to 1500$. Pre-treatment is the type of chemical applied to the fabric before printing to make the fabric surface even and stay ink for a long period of time. DTG Printing Process has mandatory to go through this process before designing print on fabric. Pretreatment solutions are available in small and big packaging.

EPSON DTG Printer Speed

Considering DTG printer speed is also a major factor while you are buying a DTG Epson printer. Choosing a printer depends on your customer’s volume. EPSON printer is available for small, medium, and commercial garment printing businesses.

Desktop DTG printer can print A4 size printing in 25-30 seconds whereas a commercial EPSON DTG printing can complete this task within 8 seconds.

If you are a busy printing shop, EPSON commercial DTG printer might be a better solution for your garment printing business. Epson DTG company provides 1-year guarantee and warranty. EPSON DTF PRINTER F2100 is almost double the speed of Model F2000.

DTG Printer Buying Guide Line

DTG printer involves, EPSON print head cleaning, printhead replacement, print head cleaning kit,

EPSON DTG Printer Price

Epson printer maintenance, how to prevent head clogging,

You can see other DTG PRINTER


Except for EPSON, there are other DTG Printer manufacturers in the market you can go for KORNIT, BROTHER.


Print Resolution1440 x720 DPI Color & 1440×1440, White Ink1440 x720 DPI COLOR & 1440×1440, White1440 x720 DPI Color & 1440×1440 DPI White Ink1200×1200 DPI Color
1200×1200 DPI White
Printer Speed27 seconds/T-shirt
X Speed
13 seconds/T-shirt
Almost 2X Speed
10 Seconds/T-shirt
Almost 2.5X Speed
5-6 seconds/T-shirt
Almost 4X
Printer CategoriesSmall Size BusinessMedium Size BusinessMedium & Big Size BusinessCommercial Garment Printer
Platen SizeMin. 10″x12″ max 16″x20″Min. 10″x12″ max 16″x20″Min. 10″x12″ max 16″x20″Min. 10″x12″ max 16″x20″
Warranty1 year onsite1 year onsite1 year onsite2 Year
Print HeadSingle SingleSingleDouble Print Head
Printhead1″, PrecisionCore TFP1″, PrecisionCore TFP1″, PrecisionCore
1.5″, PrecisionCore Micro TFP
Printing TechnologyPiezo-electricPiezo-electricPiezo-electricPiezo-electric
Inktank Capacity600mlx6
600mlx6 cartridge600mlx6 cartridge1500 ml x6 Cartridge
No. of Print HeadSingleSingleDoubleDouble Print Head
Printer Dimension39″ (W), 54″ (D), and 20″ (H), Weight 80 KG39.78″ (W) x56.1″ (D) x20″, Weight (82 KG)
Printer TypeSmall Business
Desktop Printer
Small & MediumMedium & Big BusinessCommercial Printer/Bulk Production
Ink Droplet Size 21PL21PL21PL21Pl
Media Thickness25mm25mm25mm29.5mm
Ink TypeUltra Chrome DG inkUltra Chrome DG inkUltra Chrome DG inkUltra Chrome DG ink
Power SupplyAC 100 -240 VAC 100 -240 V
Ink Configuration5 Colors (C, Y, M, K, and W)5 Colors (C, Y, M, K, and W)5 Colors (C, Y, M, K, and W)5 Colors (C, Y, M, K, and W)
Nozzle Configuration10 Channel, 8000×2=16,000 Nozzle
Printer Maintenace CostLittle higherMediumMediumVery Low

Our Verdict about EPSON DTG Printer

Different customers have different perspectives to buy a DTG printer, like the Best Quality Garment Printer, Cheap Epson DTG Printer, Fast Epson DTG Printer, Exclusive Features, Low Maintenace Cost Printer, Best Performance, etc. In a nutshell, our verdict about the EPSON dtf printer is here, before buying you should focus on these topics.

EPSON DTG F2000: If you have a limited budget, limited order volume, and a startup business go for SC F2000, It’s a pocket-friendly DTG printer.

EPSON DTG F2100: Almost double the speed compared to the F2000. Easily you can execute daily 75-100 t-shirts might be a good option with quality print. Fast loading and cost estimation are special features.

EPSON DTG F2030: If you are a big offline print shop or want to sell customized t-shirts on Amazon or Flipkart, daily work order of 100-200 T-shirts, might be a good option to sell more and earn more.

EPSON DTG PRINTER F3070: Absolutely big investment, the fastest ever Epson DTG printer, high-quality print, heavy-duty, auto ink label detector, Epson digital printer with a dual head specialized for bulk production.

Why is ULTRA DG Ink Recommended for Epson DTG Printer?

UltraDG Ink is specially developed for EPSON DTG PRINTER Sure Color F series F2000, F2100, F2130, and F3070 with anti-head clogging technology, and the company also provides a 2-year guarantee on-site.

What is the average cost of an EPSON DTG printer?

EPSON Sure color F Series Printer Range Starts From lower range 10,000$ to higher range 22,000$. Depending on printer models.

Is a DTG printer worth it?

DTG printers are worth it, make sure DTG printing is expensive compared to the other garment printing method like Sublimation, DTF, and Screen Printing. Before buying a DTG printer you should think to keep your customer’s choice of who will pay for it long term.

What can you print DTG printer?

DTG printers are 5-color ink tank printers, You can print any type of fabric like cotton, polyester, nylon poly-cotton made fabric and the maximum thickness of the fabric is 25 mm.


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