Types of Ink

There are various types of ink used in the printing industry ink is specified for the type of printing methods

1. Ink for Traditional Printing Machines

2. Ink For Digital Printers

Ink For Traditional Printing Machine

Offset Printing, Screen Printing, Pad Printing, and Block Printing Ink commonly ink used are very concentrated and made for using specific types of materials as well. You also need to understand you are using ink for printing on common packaging or food-grade printing materials.

Screen Printing Ink

Screen print ink uses PMS format.

  1. Glossy Paper
  2. Matte Paper
  3. Fabric
  4. Metal
  5. Plastic

Offset Printing Ink

Offset printing ink used in CYMK and PMS Format

  1. Coated Paper
  2. Non-Coated Paper
  3. Metallic Paper

paper and ink are used for printing on a variety of materials (Porus and Non-Porus). In terms of ink print quality, fade proof, print longevity uses different types of formulations of ink and toners. Except for printing, crafting on paper, fabric, and tiles need ink for stamping, etc.

Digital Printing Ink

A Digital Printer works based on piezoelectric technology. These prints are used for domestic (photo albums, school projects official work documents,s and outdoor advertising purposes (sign boards, posters, and banners). Print quality withstands rain, sunlight, and storm need to print quality stronger using different types of ink.

Dye Ink

Most of all desktop printer uses dye ink. Dye ink is basically, water-based ink, paper/substrate soaked the ink droplet. Dye ink is prepared from natural sources such as vegetables, fruit & plants but printing ink is cost-effective and produces vibrant prints, and easily wears off. Best use of dye ink for printing on coated paper and non-coated used indoors.

Dye Sublimation Ink

Dye sublimation ink is a solid dye ink, used for sublimation printing using a heat transfer machine from one surface to another surface. To make solid dye ink printable in sublimation printing uses water as a carrier. The print is being ready on a special type of polyester-coated paper known in the market as a sublimation paper for transferring on the substrate.

Pigment Ink

Pigment ink is fixed onto the surface of the object so it is thicker that’s why it takes a long time to fade and is made of nonorganic components. It is basically, oil-based ink, best performing on the nonporous substance. for better fixation on the surface need to be heated. The formulation of pigment ink is


DTG ink is prepared for special types of DTF PRINTER uses. As the dtf name denotes “direct printing on garments” where ink is sprayed into the fabric threads with “CYMK and W” printable on light and dark garments. It is prepared with eco-friendly pigments keeping in mind human ecologically, withstands multi washes after printing and head clogging problems.

DTG ink is a type of pigment ink. This ink is prepared for the composition of “CYMK and W) ink compositing with specialized print head technology.


This is another type of special ink “CYMK and W” format used for the specialized DTF PRINTER for printing on pet films for the decoration of garments. to keep maintain your DTF printer head life long and the best quality and safety of human being ink prepared with nano pigment size.