What are the different types of printers?

Printers are automated computerized machines digitally operated with the help of digital files and software for printing on paper or objects by sending digital input by the computer or laptop devices that produce output prints. the printer uses ink (liquid), toner (powder ink), and ribbons (dye solid ink).

We can divide printers into 2 main categories.

  1. Compact Printer
  2. Non-Compact Printing

Impact Printers

In Impact, the printer head direct touches the object and creates an impression of the object mostly having string known as a dot-matrix printer and thermal printer, and has the capacity to create more copies at a time. Mostly used for creating an invoice. There are two types of printers in the market 1. Thermal Heat Transfer 2. Daisy Wheel Printer

1. Thermal Heat Transfer

The thermal printer is used for printing on heat-sensitive paper, this printer is commonly used for tickets on the bus, and billing in retail stores. The heated print head hit the heat-sensitive paper that discolors paper and creates text content.

2. Daisy Wheel Printer

A Daisy wheel printer is used for text-based printing in this printer metal letters are in a wheel form when a letter is hit that hits on the intended area and creates a form of the word, in one line can be placed up to 70 characters. These printers are commonly known as typewriters.

Non-Impact Printers

Non-impact printer heads do not contact objects and eject ink on the object in the form of fountains. Laserjet printers and inkjet printers work with this. Non-impact technology.

1 Piezo -electric technology

2. Laser Beam Technology

3. Heat Transfer Technology

4. 3D Printing Technology

5. Laser Toner Techonlogy

There are many types of technology used for printing on a variety of materials and products.


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