Foil & Hot Stamping Machine

To make your product eye catchy & extraordinary, foil printing application is the right way, There are 2 types of foil printing applications used for creating metallic designs or logos on paper & plastics 1. Hot Stamping 2. Digital Foil Printing.

Luxury Gift Items Printing, Eye-catchy Business Cards, Leather covers, Brand Name Promotion, Products Packaging, Wedding invitation cards, Profile covers, and certificates are the most common products that require foil printing.

Hot Stamping Foil Roll

Pigment foils are used for hot stamping on paper and plastics. It comes in a roll form having widths of 12″, 13″ 17″ up to 30″ wide, and 100 fits long in multiple Pantone color rolls. Basically, foil is a very thin layer (8-10 microns) the type of dried color that comes on an acetate carrier sheet in three layers 1. Adhesive Layer 2. Dried Ink 3. Varnished. These foils are used on paper, plastics, and fabrics. Silver, Gold, Brass, and many more.

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Foil Cutter

Foil Cutter is a tool used to cut the required size rolls.

1. Hot Foil Printing

In traditional foil printing, you must have a metal-etched dye, block, or letter to make an impression on the substrate embossed or debossed. These metal dyes are created on magnesium & brass using chemicals. Hot stamping technology needs a heat press machine, dye or block, and foil. Hot press machines are available in a hand press, semi-automated, and fully automated.

2. Digital Foil Printing Machine

In today’s foil printing technology has been changed that does not require metal dyes and a long time to wait for. A computer file is sent to the direct printer and sooner printed. know how it works without wasting time (source) It requires digital In the digital printing age, no required to wait for a long period of time to get printed foil hot stamping.


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