Buy Best DTF (Direct to Film) Printing Ink, Pet Film & Adhesive Powder

DTF printing is the latest printing technology invention for the garment printing industry. The good thing is that DTF printing ink is Transferable on Any Type of Fabric using dtf film as a career without damage printing after dozens of washes. There is no harmful stuff added to the ink formulation it’s totally environmentally friendly.

DTF printing is affordable, multi-time washable & profitable. DTF printing machine involves a double printing head, one for printing multicolor CYMK Format and another print head for white ink color printing.

The used ink in the printer is Pigment Ink, water-based and it fades prolonged. Used in EPSON DTF Printer L1800 & L850

Most DTF printing supplies are DTF Film, DTF INK, and DTF Adhesive Powders. Here is a collection of best-used and testified raw materials in sheet Feed DTF Printing and roll-to-roll printers.


It is a plastic translucent, heatproof, 0.03-0.04 mm thick with one side coated matte finish sheet that holds ink and another side glossy finish look. A mirror design is printed (CYMK color mode) on the matte coated finish side first, then applied only white ink (W) background is on the same printed area to block where the design is printed. Usually, pet film is heatproof which is why do not melt during ink transfer on the garment using a heat press machine.

B. DTF Ink

DTF ink is a type of specialized in terms of skin-friendly, water-based, anti-head clogging, nanometer-size particle pigment ink, and muli-time washable. Available in 100-ml, 200-ml, and 1-liter packs. Used in desktop inkjet and commercial inkjet dtf printers. Manufactured keeping in mind anti-print head clogging. Able to print high quality (high detailing) up to 2880 DPI printing on pet films.

C. Adhesive Powder

Adhesive power is heat sensitive chemical, during the heat press process powder melts and is adhered the fabrics with .

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Q. What is the perfect timing & temperature for DTF transfer on the fabric?

Ans. 1. DTF transfer on cotton fabric temperature 190 Degrees Celceous and Ink Transfering time 10-12 seconds.
2. Poly blend materials at 160 Degrees Celsius for 10-12 seconds.
3. On polyester respectively at 150 degrees Celsius for 10 seconds.
Note: Make sure after peeling off career film from the fabric plz re-cure 3-4 seconds for each type of fabric

Q. What are DTF cleanings supplies?

Ans. A cleaning supply is used for cleaning the dtf print head to prevent head clogging making your dtf printer head run long-lasting and producing a quality print on the pet film.

Q. Do we need a heat-press machine for DTF printing?

Ans. Transferring the design from the pet film to the fabric required a heat-press machine likewise sublimation printing and vinyl cut & heat press.


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