How Do NFC Work

NFC technology denotes “NEAR FIELD COMMUNICATION“, it is a type of contactless electronic data transferring process. This technology is a decade old but out boomed after the pandemic Year 2020, and works similarly to “Wi-Fi” and Bluetooth applications. Usually, travel agencies, hotels, security agencies, and academic institutions use NFC tags for various perspectives as well as providing their customer support & training, product catalog, courses, and online payment link. There are unlimited uses of NFC technology it depends on you how you can utilize it in this digital era.

Data transfer, using NFC technology is based on 2 different NFC chip-supportive devices

1. Active Device 2. Passive Device or Both Active Devices

You are required a software/App to write data first into NFC tags you want to transfer to your customer/audience. The data is stored in the NFC tag in a form of a web page, URL, or text file, When it comes to reading data anywhere just keep NFC Tag (passive device) close to the active device (Android Mobile) 2-4 inch, the passive device initiates radiation to transfer data you have already stored in invisible data could be your business information, your own profile, payment link, or social media links. Today almost all Android Phones, Laptops, Tablets, and Notepads come with NFC technology enabled.

Use of NFC Card: Virtual Business Card | Payment Device | Product Catalogue | Security Device | Lock & Unlock Doors | Google Review Card | Medical | Equipment and many more. Whatever digital information you want to share with your business partner, customer, or friend you can go but make sure they must have an NFC technology device to access it.

The good thing is are no required internet or external power supply to access data.

NFC Tags Quality & Print Ability

NFC Tags are low-memory chip-embedded cards and are available in various forms, you can choose the best fit for your budget and data storage. Buy from the best seller’s Amazon shopping store and get delivered to your doorstep. Each type of NFC tag has different types of printing applications.

  1. Metal NFC Tag
  2. PVC NFC Tag
  3. NFC Stickers
  4. NFC Pop Up

1. Metal NFC TAG

You can find NFC tags in the market made of Anodized, Stainless Steel, and Brass Made Materials & Have a Thickness of 0.8mm. Black Matte Finish. To make your NFC tag printable use Laser Engraving Technology. It requires a vector file for marking. You are involved in making an extraordinary NFC card and looking for a blank metal NFC card Amazon is the best seller.


PVC NFC tag comes in white color, black matte finishes with a thickness of 0.8mm thick, printable using Digital Thermal Printing Technology. Can be printed edge-to-edge multi-color printing. The PVC NFC Tag price is a little cheaper than the metallic NFC tag.

3. NFC Stickers

If you are looking for a cost-effective NFC Tag go for NFC Stickers available in Reel Form in 1″ width.

NFC Tag Range & Size

NFC cards have inbuild chips, invisible from the front or back side, have low data storage (100 to 5000-kilo bites) and it does not require a power supply to access because it is a micro-size battery inbuild. Start communication within 4cm long distances with another supporting device. NFC Card frequency speed13.56 Hrtz.

The standard size of an NFC tag is 55 mm x 88 MM, blank NFC cards you can Buy on Amazon at affordable prices available in black and white colors. These NFC tags are made of high-quality PVC or ABS materials.

NFC Card Reader (Active Device)

Once you attach your card to the android devices and allow your android NFC setting reader its starts working the way you intended. Here you can write or delete data easily. It could be your laptop, mobile, or tablet) allow NFC access.

Data Uploading Into NFC TAG Process

Create a beautiful information/business profile/ you want to message using editing software. and go to your android phone setting option NFC and embed message. Most popular NFC tag writer you can down free writable on any NFC reader.

NFC Tag As a Branding Tool

Corporate business uses NFC tag as a branding tool in the form of the business card, NFC tags can be printed using Digital Thermal Printing (Sublimation Technology) easy to print on white color on both sides, company logs, and services.

Why is NFC Tags Used?

1. NFC tags make your work very convenient and fast.
2 It is a type of process that helps your traditional process to be digitally used.
3. It’s a cost-saving of physical materials.
4. Single NFC tag solves multiple problems.


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