NFC vs RFID Tags | Difference Between NFC & RFID Tags

Well, NFC vs RFID tags, both tags used for data communication (data tracking, data storage, and data identification) in real-time wirelessly in proximity areas. But they have huge differences from each other. Which type of tag performs the best for a specific type of data communication, let’s understand in detail.


NFC technology is evolved version of RFID technology.

  1. NFC tags are used for data sharing in one and two ways (1. Active Device to Passive Device 2. Active Device to Active Device)
  2. It’s a short-range communication as is clear by the tag title. Maximum access range of 4-6 inches.
  3. Used for easy access to Financial Transactions, Business Contracts, Social Network Showcase (digital business cards/ID cards, social media accounts), and data-controlling purposes.
  4. Devices do not require any external power supply to transfer data a battery power supply is sufficient.
  5. Very low memories device 100 kb to 5000 kb.
  6. NFC tags physically look like debit and credit cards and same size.
  7. Data transfer speed 13.56khz/seconds

NFC Tag Basic Component

To use NFC technology you are required 2 NFC embedded devices which could be both Active Devices or maybe one active and another Passive Device (NFC Tag). Transferring data from one device (passive) to another device (active) Does Not Require a Source of Power. An active device battery is sufficient to activate passive device data to transfer. Data is transferred wirelessly in the form of a webpage, video, audio, text form, etc. Embed data into an NFC tag required data writing software or an app.

NFC Tag Uses in Vehicle

Your manual uses of the vehicle can be eliminated by NFC tags. As well as opening doors, closing glass windows, vehicle on and off, switch on and off lights vehicle light. Simply tap your NFC tag on your android mobile you can easily access your car accessory.

NFC TAG as Payment Link

After the covid pandemic, contactless payment boomed using NFC tags. You just keep your android mobile close to the vendor’s NFC tag, You are able to make payments from your account with 100% data safety.

NFC Tag As Business Card

Now it is trending, people are shifting day by day from physical paper business cards to digital cards as well as adopted Android phones. willing to skip traditional paper-made business card reprinting again and again. No required only one card is sufficient for a life term. NFC Business Cards are just like Dabit and Credit Cards in shape and size. It can be used from various perspectives. Any time digital business card data can be updated using the app.


RFID is based on wireless technology using magnetic radio frequency between two di

  1. RFID tags are used for one-way data (Data Reader).
  2. Best use of RFID tags for Tracking Living Things (spy animals) and Moving Things (vehicles) Tracking for Security & Safety Perspective.
  3. It works 100-200 meter range (depending on the power source of the RFID tag)
  4. Need an External Power Source to access data from RFID cards.
  5. High memory capacity.
  6. To prevent fraud & duplicity (embedded RFID tag even passport)

RFID Tag Basic Component

RFID technology works on 4 basic components 1. RFID tag 2. Antina 3. Data responder 4. Data Receiver

Once the data receiver the machine power supply on, Antina starts sending a particular number frequency (passive RFID device) and activates in the proximity area, and the passive device starts sending data to the receiver (RFID data reader) and passive tags (RFID tag) to be used for one-way data access.

Data reading devices are mandatory for the outsource power supply. Data access distance depends on the capacity of RFID tag memory and data reader power supply. Data is accessed in the form of text and number based. It is also known as a proximity card.

RFID tags are available in,

LF (Low Frequency) Performance upto 1 ft Distance

HF (High Frequency) up to 10 Ft.

UH (Ultra High Frequency) 100 Meter Distance.

RFID Tag Utilization As Inventory Management

Almost all retail multiple stores /manufacturing units/ warehouse store uses RFID tag to access asset and inventory to manage the supply chain updation daily basis. Easily can be updated on all store sales/purchases/inventory.

Race Tracking RFID Tag Use

Accurate tracking of race, vehicle location, employee attendance machine anti-theft system in the store, and RFID tag is the best medium to track on.

NFC or RFID tag which one is more secure?

Both devices are safe for data transfer but the NFC tag is more secure compared to the RFID tag.


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