Buy Online Sublimation Coating For 100% Cotton Fabric

Buy online sublimation coating for 100% cotton fabric-made apparel printing. Except for 100% cotton, it can be applied on canvas, polyester, and nylon for sublimation printing easily. Visually, it’s a transparent and water-soluble polymer liquid used for mostly sublimation printing on 100% cotton or cotton blend materials made for promotional cotton t-shirts, cotton mixed t-shirts, curtains, and different types of apparel before applying sublimation printing.

Usually, for sublimation printing on a sublimation blank must have min. 65% of polyester materials for printing ink adhesion whereas pure cotton fabric has 0% polyester materials. There are variety of fabrics with different cotton percentage difficult to understand the right amount of temperature and printing quality during sublimation. Polymer coating help to make bond between sublimation dye ink and cotton fabric with any percentage cotton fabric.

NGOODIZED is used for precoating on sublimation blanks (cotton or cotton blend) sublimation printing technology is used worldwide on various types of products made of metal, wood, stones, fabrics, ceramics, and many more. For getting the best sublimation printing result, the surface of substance need to be well polyester coating to accept dye sublimation ink.

NGOODIEZ Sublimation Coating Spray is the best coating for cotton and cotton blend materials available in concentrate liquid and powder in both states. There are so many brands available you can choose from specific types of materials for coating like ceramic, paper, metals, etc.

NGOODIEZ Sublimation Coating Spray Multiple Uses

Except for 100% cotton fabric, it can be used for personalized sublimation printing for decoration items made of Ceramic Material-like cups & plates, coffee mugs, tiles, photo-frame etc.

Sublimation printing on the Wooden Product-like coaster. key chain, photo frame, etc.

Glass Product bear mug

Metal Product for sublimation printing on aluminum, stainless steel- Tumblr, Batches, Name Plate, Troffee, Freeze Magnet

Note: sublimation on fabric required a minimum of 65% of the polymer fabrics.

Sublimation Spray on Cotton

Sublimation coating is used in a way of spray adding pure water to make dilute able to spray. easily available in amazon stores.

NGOODIEZ Sublimation Packaging

You can choose as per your requirement available in different volume

  1. 100 ML
  2. 250 ML
  3. 1000 ML

The adhesion of polymer on any type of fabric is very strong. If you are a new practitioner of textiles printer going for 100 ml might be better to get the experience of heat and pressure.

Sublimation Coating Uses Tips

  1. Sublimation liquid for cotton and cotton blend material ideal temperature is 375 Fahrenheit for up to 40 seconds works for the best result. The double coating enhances the quality of sublimation printing and long-lasting printing.
  2. For the best sublimation printing result on cotton fabric keep the ratio of water and polymer coating 6:1
  3. Start sublimation once the sublimation coating is properly dried out.
  4. Make sure you are spraying on cotton equally to produce a better result
  5. Sublimation spray does not work on black-color cotton fabric.

Does Sublimation Spray Really Work on Cotton?

Sublimation spray “NGOODIEZ” really works on cotton or cotton blend Materials. I am using my online print store Shivani Enterprises for many years and served thousands of regular customers.


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