Types of T-shirt Printing Method

People enjoy & feel t-shirt wearing comfortable and versatile. The majority of people love to wear a personalized printed t-shirt or self-branded t-shirt today. A few years back people used to wear the traditional and oldest screen-printed method. But now there is a huge craze for wearing a t-shirt by every age group of male & female people whether it is a college student, children or adults are asked for wearing self-brand t-shirts or personalized t-shirts.

Corporate and small business owners are not behind in the promotion of their brands in their marketing space. Due to this reason and digital printing innovation, the t-shirt print on demand has increased exponentially over the last 1-2 decade time periods.

T-shirt printing is a lucrative business if it was done professionally. You just need to know each type of t-shirt printing method’s pros and cons. There are different types of customers wearing tastes in customized t-shirt printing for males and females. Pollo T-shirt, Round Neck, V-Neck, Sweatshirt, Jacket, etc.

Types of t-shirt printing method 2022

There are several types of t-shirt printing methods.

  1. Screen Printing
  2. Plastisol Printing
  3. Sublimation Printing
  4. DTG Printing
  5. DTF Printing
  6. Vinyl Cut & Heat Press
  7. Embroider

Which t-shirt printing method is the best depends on the purpose as well as a promotional t-shirt, t-shirt for gifting, t-shirt for fundraising, etc. Customers are searching for t-shirt printing near me they may have questions like

  • Best quality t-shirt printing (regular wearing cost-effective t-shirt printing)
  • Cheapest T-shirt Printing Application (Giveaway Social Campaign)
  • Multi-color t-shirt printing method for (Brand Color Printing Perspective)
  • Best printing application on polyester t-shirts (Cheapest & Multicolor Print)
  • Best Printer for sports t-shirt printing (Variable Data-Name & Number Printing)
  • Metallic Printing on t-shirts for kids (Eye Catchy Printing)
  • Best quality printing on exclusive t-shirts (Printing on big brands Nike, Adidas)
  • Permanent printing application on t-shirts (Fabric Life long Staying Print)

There is a lot of intention of the customer getting printed a t-shirt. A few t-shirt printing methods have basic print setup costs, additional time, and required a minimum quantity to start from.

Some printing applications have a costly printing process that works best on specific types of fabric printing materials.


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