Know more about Hot Melt DTF Powder

Hot melt powder is made of polyurethane (TPU), and adhesive dtf powder has a moisture-seeking character. This powder is used in DTF PRINTING MACHINE for the migration of special DTF ink from DTF PET FILM to fabrics that help to make a strong bond between the pigment ink & fabric (leather) stuff. DTF powder not only makes a strong bond with fabric and ink, but even makes print soft, rubberized, and ultra-stretchy after transferring ink on the fabric.

DTF Powder Applied Process (On The Pet Film)

There are two methods of powder-covering on wet dtf ink printed on the pet film.

1. Manual DTF Powdering Process

You are using a DESKTOP DTF PRINTER (Sheet Feed Pet Film), once the print is finished, applied the powder manually evenly on the et ink and shake it properly so that the excess powder come-off and send it to the powder melting oven then fo prepare heat transfer. The manual process is good for making low-volume dtf transfer.

2. Automated DTF Powder Applicator

When it comes to COMMERCIAL DTF PRINTER, it is a completely inline process where roll-to-roll pet film is printed, powdered, melted, and re-winded process. Once the print starts, the pet film passes simultaneously through Automated DTF Powder Shaking Machine, where excess powder shakes off from the pet film and is moved towards a powder tank and the pet film is carried forward to the oven and re-winding printed roll.

DTF Powder Curing Process (Temperature & Time)

To cure the dtf print, used a HEAT PRESS MACHINE at normal pressure or HAIR DRYER at 150 degrees Celsius to 170 degrees Celsius depending on the type of fabric for a period of time 10-15 seconds to make a strong bond between pigment ink and fabric molecule.

DTF Podwer Availability and Price

Available in plastic packaging pouches of 0.5kg, 1 kg, and 10 kg packaging in back & white color. It is also known as DTF melt powder. The average price of DTF powder is around Rs. 2500/- to Rs.3000/- per kg.

Best DTF Powder Brand Names

Ngoodie DTF POWDER and Kodak DTF Powder are the best brand name available in Black and White Colors.

DTF Powder Instruction

As we know dtf powder is moisture-seeking behavior so to keep safe for a long period need to follow instructions.

  1. Always keep the powder in a sealed TPU bag while not in use.
  2. During printing keep a mask and gloves to be safe respiratory system.
  3. Keep away from the dtf printer-sensitive parts, it may damage the print head and others.

How Does DTF Powder Works?

DTF powder plays the role of making a strong bond between pigment ink and fabrics. The Sooner the prints finish. a powder is poured onto the wet ink on dtf pet film using a powder shaking machine and passes into the powder melting oven to bake for a period of 10-15 seconds at a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius.

Is a DTF powder toxic?

DTF powder is not toxic material but make sure to follow instructions to avoid smoke using powder baking. keep wearing gloves and masks.

Which one black or white dtf powder is the best?

Both white and black color dtf powder are the same quality but black powder performs the best on the black base fabric printing and white color dtf powder for white color fabric printing.


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