UV Coating vs UV Printing

UV coating and UV printing terms are different from each other but the ink curing process is the same in both terms known as LED UV curving technology.

The UV Coating Technology

The UV coating process is a traditional printing process on the paper surface, done on the pre-printed paper to make printed elements more eye-catchy either on the whole printed sheet or in a specific printed area likewise logos, headlines, or feature images. These sheets are firstly printed through the offset printing press and later on UV coating is done in a separate press.

Most UV coating products are Tittle & Images of Brochure, Catalogue Headline, Invitation Cards, Carry Bag, Jewellery Box, Magazine Cover, etc.

UV coating is a transparent ink that is cured with ultra-light. The process is known as screen printing lineup LED curving machine with the help of a conveyor belt. An automated screen printing machine is the best option as it takes a little time to apply UV liquid to the intended area.

Best adhesion of UV coating needed to apply for matte lamination or velvet lamination before UV coating.

3 Tips for UV Coating

  1. Keep your pre-printed paper dust-free before starting to do UV coating.
  2. Use concentrated UV liquid that creates a sharp imprint.
  3. Do not apply where paper is to be folded as it breaks during the folding & binding process.
  4. After lamination of the printed sheet keeps sheet edges sharp and helps UV done on a pinpoint.
  5. Avoid scattering UV liquid that may cause produce an unwanted spot on the sheet.

UV Coating & It’s Objective

There are so many types of coating processes done on the printed surface as well as aqueous, varnish, UV coating & lamination, etc.

Each type of coating’s main intention could be different and cost also vary. Most of all-cause, the aqueous & varnish coating main intention is the prevention of printed text & images from the scratch. The second purpose is the paper’s finished high gloss look.

  1. The topmost objective of the UV coating is to make images, text, headlines & brand names extra-ordinary to stand out from the crowd.
  2. Except for the prominent-looking content needed to safety from scratch, you may have the option to paper effect matte finish. The best matching of glossy UV coating is a silent matte lamination finish.

UV Printing Technology

UV printing technology is a digital printing process using piezo technology. It is directly applied on the blank substrate with an inkjet printer, having CYMK and WW inkjet tank printers, able to print on dark and light background bases. Used ink produces a multi-color design as well as graphics created for printing with vibrant and shiny effects.

There are a lot of objectives to getting printed UV ink

  1. Fastest drying ink process.
  2. The personalized printing method as well as no setup cost is required.
  3. Long-lasting imprint.
  4. Tactile and glossy finish.
  5. Substrate thickness adjustable up to 3″ in height.
  6. Creating an eco-friendly atmosphere.

UV Printing & Objective

Personalized printing on Wooden Products, Acrylic Sheet For Home Decoration, Name Plates, Corporate Gifting Products, Customized Diary even any type of low-volume printing materials. There are no wastages of substrate blank.

You may call if facing any difficulty in UV printing. Our UV print expert will help you sooner.


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