Flash Stamp Machine Price in India

A flash stamp machine produces an optimum quality of rubber stamps even if a small size font & designs. The stamp machine is good when your customer asked for urgent stamps. Your stamp-making business nearby a court, development authority, and commercial activity area, and a lot of customers asked for stamps within 30 minutes, flash stamp machine could be profitable for your business.

You can create sun stamps and pre-ink stamps in different types of styles as well as round stamps and rectangle shape

Whether it is the logo, graphics, or text-based content can be created in high quality but make sure you are required a high-quality rubber stamp blanks.

Asian Seemandhar Polymer Stamp-Making Machine

Asian Seemandhar Rubber Stamp Machine

Flash Stamp Machine Working Principle

A flash rubber stamp machine technology is based on laser engraving. You just need to first make a computer design and get a black & white printout on the butter paper from a laser printer and make butter paper print dark with an ink enhancer. The second step is to cut a piece of rubber plate and place it on the glass on a flash stamp machine. Make sure you plathe ce rubber plate first and ththe en PVC sheet on the rubber plate and at last place the design printed butter paper on the transparent PVC sheet mirror face upside.

Switch on the flash stamp-making machine and keep the rubber stamp plate upside on the glass and press down the liver. Set a rubber stamp exposing time and hit it.

Take out the rubber plate from the flash stamp-making machine. Remove butter paper and PVC sheet you will find the area covered with design is remain and the rest area is blocked.

Dip it up to 2-2.30 hours to absorb the ink then mount it pre-ink stamp holder, your stamp is ready to make an impression.

The content of the stamp either small or big produced stamp is sharp, crisp, and accurate. The flash stamp machine is used for making a pre-ink stamp using a rubber plate, during making a stamp the upper layer is burned in the shape of a creative, and this piece of rubber is dipped into the required color for 2-2.30 hours.

Once a rubber foam has soaked the ink it is taken out from the ink and placed on the rubber stamp pre-ink blanks.

Q. & A

Q. How much does cost a pre-ink rubber stamp?

Ans. Pre-ink stamp price cost goes very high because flash rubber is costly compared to the polymer liquid used in self-ink stamps. Standard size flash stamp price starts from Rs. 250/- each.

Q. Do you provide a warranty on these stamp machines?

Ans. The printing machine team do not provide a stamp machine warranty & guarantee. You are buying a machine brand company takes responsibility for replacement, warranty, and guarantee.


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